We explore, measure and scan using sonar, satellite and video data, to present the real underwater world within a highly interactive environment!

Helmut Wipplinger

“I am blown away by the immersive experience. The Ocean Maps App is an awesome tool for every ambitioned diver. I can’t wait to use even more reefs.”

- Helmut Wipplinger, Sharkproject

Thomas Liebemann

“It helped me a lot, especially when diving for the first time at Blue Hole. I thought, that I have been here before and was able to fully concentrate on the spectacular underwater world.”

- Thomas Liebemann, Diver

Christina Schrammel

“The interactive 3D Maps of Ocean Maps helped me to be perfectly oriented under water, it was unbelievable. Finally I have the perfect tool to plan the dives for my high quality fotoshootings. Great!”

- Christina Schrammel, boxfish.at

Christina Schrammel

“The App helped me prepare for the dive and discover something new. Interactive dive maps help to make diving safer and provide a proper preparation for each dive.

- Max Brunner, diver

Markus Rudolf

“For me as a diving instructor, security and preparation have the highest priority. Through the Ocean Maps Dive Maps I am able to do exact dive planning and preparation, that really stays in the head”

- Markus Rudolf, Diving instructor

Lina Hassan

“This is breathtaking. With our guests we go through the reefs even before they have touched the water. The diving experience for our guests has enhanced big times.”

- Lina Hassan, Tropical Hotels

Mark Sowinski

“Suddenly I have discovered caves, clefts, rocks and coral blocks, that I didn't know exist, although I have been diving within these reefs many times. Ocean Maps is fantastic.”

- Mark Sowinski, Diver

Mark Sowinski

“Great, simple and genius software. I used it in the Red Seam where I live and dive. Such a great an appreciated effort.”

- Aiman Nassar, Diver

ocean maps divecards


We designed our dive cards with genuine care, so they have everything you could ever wish for, and some advantages you haven‘t even thought of!

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The perfect diving companion!

Our dive cards were designed to help you prepare for your dive and give you a better experience onsite. They are your pocket-sized personal dive guides - light and compact!

Printed on both sides, made of durable, waterproof PVC plastic, and hole-punched for better portability. Measures (W x L) 5.5" x 8.2" (14cm x 20.9cm) and will fit in your BCD Pocket and your Logbook.

This map will be a great addition to your diving equipment, or the perfect gift for any scuba enthusiast, friend or relative!

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Everything you need to know about your destination.

Our cards provide detailed descriptions of the most famous dive spots in the Red Sea, including 3D views of the site with measurements, a depth view, and information on geographical conditions: like currents and temperatures.

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Be perfectly prepared for your dive!

We display the main hostpots and recommended tours on each dive card to help you with planning and preparation. Take this small guide with you and you won't miss a thing! All briefing information, including dive site description, tours and hostpots are provided by our trusted regional partner dive instructors.

Terrain view

So many hidden treasures are waiting for exploration!

In addition to the dive site and tour descriptions, we also include a reference guide of the most common inhabitants of each reef, so you won't miss a chance to meet and recognize them! When possible, we also suggest places to find them - look for the small icons in the tour descriptions.


The first waterproof dive card of our World's best dive site series! Explore Yongala, one of the most famous wrecks with the aid of our map. We want you to dive safely!

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  • the best prices for our professional, waterproof dive cards
  • interactive dive map software licenses for your dive center and team
  • great voucher deals

...and many more! Contact us and we will help you to find the best solution for your needs.

“Entrepreneurs see the "no diving" sign and back-up to get a running start.”
- Ryan Lilly