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Digitalization made by Ocean Maps

A systematic approach ensures safety

In the energy industry sophisicated technology is exposed to hard and fluctuating environmental influences. In order to master a competitive market, the usage of facilities should be maximised whereas risks must be minimized at the same time. The great added value of Ocean Maps for the energy industry lies in the combination of precise and cost-effective measurements. This eliminates risks and allows maintenance events to be planned more accurately.

Preicse knowledge of the underwater at the bottom drain
  • Maintenance based on condition and not on a pre-defined date - more safety and efficiency
  • Communication with authorities
Simple functional and operational visualizations for the running water inlet, bottom drain etc.
  • Knowledge transfer and training
  • Simulation of conditions without interruption of operation
Visualization of future construction projects
  • Straight forward preview of the results
  • Communication with various interest groups
Digital documentation of older power plants and industrial facilities
  • Support for planning of conversions
  • Comprehensible retrieval of technical information for a large circle of users
Safety instruction
  • Aided by a drawing function safe movement zones can be demonstrated in real time. Briefings are stored and can be used as proof of a correct instruction
Review of flood protection on rivers, particularly in the area of ​​power stations
  • Precise calculation of volumes
  • Compliance with administrative requirements for flood protection made easier
Storage of important security documents
  • Can be found quickly even by persons who are not familiar with the location or who are not experts
  • Example: Storage of the SI data sheets for turbine oil in the oil tank - in case of damage fast and remote checks can be carried out to determine necessary interventions.