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Our principle of "measurement, visualization and application" as pioneered in our diving APP has now spread to numerous business fields. Together with our customers we defined new business applications to help them increase safety or to take advantage of substantial cost savings. In this sense: If you do not find your application ideas for our services here, please contact us!



Every object, wheter man-made or of natural origins is subject to constant change. To manage these changes accurate measurements are needed...

Visualiserung Kraftwerksraum
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3D Visualization

EASY is the combination of a number of highly benefitial characteristics, such as highly accurate, systematic mapping, harmonized and automatic processing...

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Custom software and apps

You do not have to adapt to us, but we configure our data and applications so that they work in your environment...

Underwater inspection

Did the last flood affect the stability of a bridge? Did sediments in a reservoir migrate? Events of extreme weather increasingly...

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Public Apps

Discover our publicly available apps!