Highly professional and customized software development

You do not have to adapt to us, but we configure our data and applications so that they smoothly run within your environment. This data integration meets the highest standards of data security and system stability.

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Unlimited data integration with maximum scalability

Our customers often start with one APP and quickly experience its benefits. Soon, the question arises how further systems can be included in our customer APPs. We have good news: The Ocean Maps APP architecture allows scaling up to 1000 objects if required. An overview map created for this purpose enables simple selection and control of individual locations.

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GIS and 3D-Data

Whether bathymetry, photogrammetry, laser scan or general GIS and 3D data, our intelligent software architecture supports all types of data for your individual software product.

Data security at the highest level

Who you share your data with should be entirely your decision. Ocean Maps ensures that all customer data is particularly well protected. We repeat protective proceedings in a highly automated way and at short intervals to ensure that our security precautions are always up to date.

The processing of the survey data and the creation of the 3D image take place exclusively at Ocean Maps. The integration of the data as well as the development and adaptation of the application is also carried out exclusively in our office in Salzburg, Austria.

Support for all major platforms

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Over 40,000 satisfied customers worldwide

As our name suggests, Ocean Maps started by developing interactive maps for divers. Our aim was to prepare them better for their dive thus increasing their safety. Meanwhile we are serving more than 40,000 customers worldwide with our custom apps.

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