Ocean Maps und Salzburg AG
DI Dr. techn. Thomas Nemetz

Chief executive officer

Our company in a nutshell

Ocean Maps GmbH

We are Ocean Maps. We measure, visualize and make data tangible. With the experience of more than 400 projects worldwide, we have set out to make our technologies available to many industries. Always committed to the principles of increasing safety, being cost-effective and making visualized data intuitively usable. This is what distinguishes us. Ocean Maps is a growing team consisting of surveyors, drone pilots, programmers, data experts and a strong management.

With this in mind: If you cannot find your application ideas for our services here, please contact us!

Quality and safety policy

As a service provider, we consider delivering products of the highest quality and applying state-of-the-art technologies and methods as key components of our service provision. The fulfillment of customer requirements and continuous improvement in all areas of activity are firmly integrated into our day-to-day business.

Our quality principles are as follows:

  • Services are always provided to the highest quality
  • Services and processes are regularly evaluated and improved
  • Results are constantly monitored and assessed within the framework of comprehensive quality control
  • Promoting a good work environment and ensuring safety in the workplace
  • Laws and requirements of our customers are complied with