General Terms and Conditions for Contracts Concluded between Ocean Maps GmbH and Contractors

The products to be purchased and the services to be rendered by the Contract Partner in accordance with the order form are subject to the following General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “GTC”) of Ocean Maps GmbH (hereinafter the “Company”).

The GTC comprise part of any order form submitted to the Company and govern the business relationship between the Company and the Contract Partner, on the one hand in connection with the transfer and granting of the right to use the “SCUBA DIVING BY OCEAN MAPS” software (hereinafter the “Software”) developed by the Company as well as the marketing services to be rendered for the software by the Contract Partner in return (hereinafter “Cooperation Partnership”), and on the other in connection with the rendering of agency services for the sale of the software to final customers (hereinafter “Sales Partnership”). Part 1 of the GTC (“Cooperation”) applies solely to the Cooperation Partnership; Part 2 of the GTC (“Public presentations”) applies to Contract Partners who intend to use the software as described therein; Part 3 of the GTC (“Sales”) applies solely to the Sales Partnership. The remaining provisions of these GTC, especially Part 4, apply to both Sales and Cooperation Partnerships.

The version applicable at the time the contract is concluded shall be the definitive version. By placing an order, the Contract Partner expressly acknowledges the validity of these GTC. Deviations from the GTC shall apply only if they have been agreed by the Contracting Parties in writing. The general terms and conditions of the Contract Partner shall not apply even if the Company does not explicitly reject them. Acts in performance by the Company shall not represent any approval of the general terms and conditions of the Contract Partner.

The Company is only prepared to conclude contracts in accordance with these GTC, which shall also apply to further business with the Contract Partner without the need for further reference. The application of deviating conditions requires an express written agreement. Should individual conditions be modified in writing, all unmodified conditions shall remaining binding on both parties. Modifications shall apply only to the company for which they have been agreed. Verbal agreements shall only be binding upon the Company once they have been confirmed by the Company in writing.

Part 1 - Cooperation

1. Use by the Contract Partner

(1) Pursuant to point 1 (2) to (4) and point 2, the Contract Partner is authorised to use the software for its own purposes, limited to the regional dive spots allocated to it according to the order form, and in particular for presentations to individual customers on a computer and other activities commonly undertaken within the scope of the ordinary course of business of a dive base, at the location specified on the order form and on the servers installed at that location (hereinafter the “Cooperation”). In return, the Contract Partner undertakes to purchase the services of the Company and to use the software pursuant to point 3 of these GTC.

(2) The Contract Partner has the right to activate the software in a server version for office access as well as for individual users who are located at the location during normal dive base operations for the Contract Partner and who act on behalf of the Contract Partner.

(3) There are two ways for the software to be activated for the Contract Partner for the corresponding number of dive sites indicated on the order form: either the Contract Partner creates the accounts required for the respective users via the website of the Company itself and sends the Company a list of the number and names of the respective users, or the Contract Partner sends the Company the data required to register the individual users by completing the relevant fields on the order form. The Contract Partner shall additionally be provided with a licence key which determines the number of licences needed by the Contract Partner for server and client software. If the required number of licences changes, the licence key will be adjusted accordingly. The Contractor is solely responsible for the software being used by the users as intended, both in accordance with this Contract and within the scope of the normal activities of the Contract Partner.

(4) The Contract Partner and the users specified by the Contract Partner are featured and made visible on the website of the Company.

(5) Each time the software is used, the Contract Partner must clearly identify such use with the name of the Company and make active reference to the fact that the software is a product owned by the Company. The Company’s logo must also always be clearly displayed.

2. Rights of use / intellectual property rights

(1) Upon concluding the contract, the Contract Partner shall be granted the non-exclusive limited right to use the software free of charge for the duration of the contractual relationship and for the purposes defined in these GTC. The software may only be used in the form provided by the Company and never in a modified, translated, edited or redesigned form. The Contract Partner is not entitled to obtain, use or inspect the software’s source code or development documentation.

(2) The Contract Partner may use the software only for the purposes of its business activity in the area of the scope of use described in point 1 regarding the rendering of the services it offers.

(3) The Contract Partner shall not itself, or through a third party, modify, decode or decompile the object code or manufacture/attempt to manufacture the source code through reverse engineering or in any other way, with the exception of instances in which this is necessary for creating interoperability or for ensuring debugging the troubleshooting pursuant to Art. 40d Austrian Copyright Act. Prior to decompiling the software, the Contract Partner shall write to the Company in good time requesting the Company to provide the information and documentation necessary for creating interoperability. The Contract Partner is authorised to decompile the software in the sense mentioned above only if the request to do so remains unsuccessful, despite the setting of a grace period in writing.

(4) The Contract Partner is not authorised to sell, hire out or transfer the software or make it accessible to third parties in any other way unless agreed otherwise in accordance with the provisions of Part 2 of these GTC. Furthermore, the Contract Partner is not authorised to grant third parties rights of use, permissions to use, sub-licences or other rights of use over the software. The duplication, dissemination and making available of the software are also prohibited unless expressly permitted.

(5) The Contract Partner is not permitted to develop or program upgrades or enhancements of the software without the consent of the Company. The Contract Partner is also not permitted to emulate the software for the development and manufacture of its own product, or to develop a similar computer program or another similar technical application on the basis of the software, or to use the software in any way whatsoever as a template or suggestion for the development of similar computer programs, apps or other technical solutions.

(6) The Contract Partner is required to prevent the unlawful use of the software and any other unauthorised access to the software by customers, business partners or other third parties by taking suitable technical, organisational or structural precautions and technical protective measures. To this end, the Contract Partner shall, inter alia, require the users of the software pursuant to point 1 (3) to use the software only in the manner deemed necessary in accordance with the scope of use pursuant to point 1 of these GTC and to ensure that the software is also used as intended by the users with due regard for the rights of the Company.

3. Publicity

(1) Within the scope of the Cooperation, both the Contract Partner and the Company have the right to publicise the Cooperation in all media. Information expressly identified as confidential is excluded from publication.

(2) The Contract Partner undertakes to use the documents, texts, logos and materials made available by the Company for the purpose of advertising the Cooperation and the services of the Company. However, in doing so, no publications which could harm the Company shall be actively released in the media. The materials made available by the Company for publication shall be transmitted by email or placed on the Company’s website for downloading. The marketing materials shall be clearly identified as such. The use of other materials or materials created by the Contract Partner is not permitted, unless permission has been granted by the Company. Such permission must be given in writing. The Contract Partner is responsible for bearing the costs of the respective media, advertisements, etc. Exceptions must be agreed with the Company in writing.

(3) The Contract Partner can be presented on the websites and software of the Company. The content and layout shall be specified by the Company. The Company is not required to use or make public the information, texts, logos or other documents provided by the Contract Partner.

(4) The Contract Partner assures the Company that the contents created or made available by it, such as texts, graphics, concepts, photographs and the like, shall not infringe any third-party rights, in particular trademarks, copyright or other rights of utilisation, or statutory provisions, such as, in particular, the E-Commerce Act, and shall indemnify and hold the Company entirely harmless in this respect.

(5) If the Contract Partner has its own website, it shall undertake to make the Cooperation clearly visible on its homepage and to use the information and documents specified by the Company for this purpose.

(6) If the Contract Partner has its own newsletter, it shall undertake to announce and promote the Cooperation therein. The contents of the newsletter shall be developed in conjunction with the Company. The information and documents provided by the Company shall be used by the Contract Partner for this purpose.

(7) The Contract Partner undertakes to clearly affix or lay out the posters, flyers, vouchers and stickers provided by the Company for the purpose to or on its business premises. In addition, the provided documents shall also be affixed to or laid out on the boats used by the Contract Partner for the purpose of identifying the Cooperation.

(8) The Contract Partner shall use only the documents provided by the Company.

4. Use of maps

The software provided by the Company within the scope of the Cooperation and the maps it contains may only be used in the form specified by the Company for the purposes defined in these GTC. The duplication, dissemination, transmission, public playback or other provision of the maps in whole or a significant part thereof, regardless of whether in analogue or digital form, is prohibited unless agreed otherwise in accordance with the provisions of Part 2 of these GTC.


Within the scope of the Cooperation, the Contract Partner undertakes to send the Company written feedback on the market situation and market development at the end of each calendar month. In particular, feedback should be sent on the use of the software and map materials, especially on their usefulness for operations in dive bases, so that the Company is in a position to make improvements and optimisations. If the Contract Partner has also concluded a distribution agreement, it shall additionally report on sales activities in its business and in respect of the use of software and map materials, including their usability by customers.

6. Liability

(1) As the software is provided free of charge, the Company precludes any warranty where legally permitted, including but not limited to any liability for the assurance of conformity to market conditions, fitness for a specific purpose and the presence of specific functions. With regard to the software, no warranty is made with respect to infringements, ownership, or freedom from third-party intervention. The full risk regarding the quality and performance of the software rests with the Contract Partner. The Contract Partner is solely responsible for ensuring that the software meets specific needs and requirements. The Company does not accept any responsibility for the choice of software or the results that can be achieved with the software or the objects used in conjunction with it.

(2) The Company does not provide any warranty for faults, disruption or damage caused by improper installation, failure to follow the installation instructions, improper use, infection with computer viruses, use of unsuitable organisational material and data carriers, or abnormal operating conditions.

(3) In particular, the Company does not provide any warranty for a certain level of marketability, adequacy or fitness of the software for a specific purpose. Whether or not the software is suitable for customer-specific applications is therefore solely the responsibility of the dive base. The virtual underwater maps provided within the scope of the software’s agreed scope of performance have been developed on the basis of a state-of-the-art underwater mapping method. Underwater regions are constantly changing due to a wide range of factors. The Company does not provide any warranty that the underwater regions and maps shown in the software correspond to the actual conditions in the area.

(4) Claims brought under the Product Liability Act are precluded where legally permitted.

Part 2 – Public presentations

7. Extended use by the Contract Partner

(1) The Contract Partner is authorised to make use of the software pursuant to point 8 of this Part 2 of the GTC only at the dive spot specified on the order form and only with the equipment and locations specified therein in return for payment of a licence fee.

(2) To this end, the Contract Partner shall specify the number of screens and other receiving devices required for a calendar year on the order form, including a description of these devices and their locations.

(3) Before the start of and during each dive briefing (hereinafter referred to as “Briefing”), the Contract Partner must make active reference to the fact that the software is a product owned by the Company. The Company’s logo must also always be clearly displayed throughout the Briefing.

8. Extended rights of use

(1) Upon concluding a contract, the Contract Partner shall receive the paid, non-exclusive, limited right to public playback and public performance of the software, including the screenshots and in particular the digital maps displayed when running the software, for the purposes defined in these GTC and for the duration of the contractual relationship; the content covered by this licence is limited to Briefings which the Cooperation Partner holds within the scope of its usual business activity as well as locally on boats and in other presentation rooms in which the devices described on the order form are set up and which lie within the dive spot allocated to the Cooperation Partner.

(2) For use pursuant to paragraph (1) of this provision, the Cooperation Partner shall pay a licence fee. The amount of the licence fee to be paid in advance for a calendar year depends on the number of screens and other receiving devices via which the software and the digital maps are to be used for the Briefings. This number must be specified in the order form. The annual licence fee per screen is stipulated on the order form regardless of whether and how many Briefings are organised each year.

(3) The licence fee (plus statutory VAT) for the current calendar year shall be paid within 14 days of contract conclusion, and for subsequent years by not later than 10 January of the respective calendar year, in each case following delivery of an invoice by the Company.

(4) The Company reserves the right to adjust the licence fee at any time and, in particular, to increase it. Such changes to the licence fee shall take effect from the calendar year following the adjustment and shall not, therefore, have any effect on the current calendar year. Once the adjustment comes into effect, use of the software pursuant to Part 2 is permitted only following payment of the adjusted licence fee.


(1) Die Gesellschaft bietet Karten und Kartenausschnitte auch analog an. Für eine Bestellung von analogen Karten sind auf dem Bestellschein die konkrete Bezeichnung der Karte, die gewünschte Anzahl und die Größe zu spezifizieren. Die Preise zum Bezug analoger Karten richten sich, sofern vorhanden, nach den auf dem Bestellschein angegebenen Preisen, andernfalls sind sie bei der Gesellschaft zu erfragen.

(2) Der Vertragspartner ist ausschließlich berechtigt, die analogen Karten und Kartenausschnitte an Kunden weiterzuverkaufen. Sämtliche sonstige Verwertungsrechte an den Karten und Kartenausschnitten verbleiben allerdings bei der Gesellschaft. Der Vertragspartner ist daher insbesondere nicht berechtigt, die Karten oder Kartenausschnitte zu vervielfältigen, zu bearbeiten, öffentlich wiederzugeben, der Öffentlichkeit zur Verfügung zu stellen und insbesondere nicht in Print- oder Online-Medien zu veröffentlichen.

(3) Der Vertragspartner ist bei Festsetzung der Verkaufspreise frei. Die Gesellschaft gibt ihm unverbindlich empfohlene Verkaufspreise, die sich an der Marktüblichkeit orientieren, gesondert bekannt, wobei die Gesellschaft diese Preise jederzeit unter Einhaltung einer Benachrichtigungsfrist von 30 Tagen anpassen kann.

Part 3 - Sales

10. Appointment as agent and tasks of the Contract Partner

(1) The Contact Partner is authorised to facilitate licence agreements between the Company and a customer with respect to the software, to the extent it has specified one of the referral models on the order form pursuant to Point 11 of the GTC. However, the Contract Partner is not authorised to conclude contracts on behalf of and/or on account of the Company. The Contract Partner shall therefore only take the opportunity to facilitate the conclusion of a contract for the software between the Company and the customer, but not to conclude any contracts.

(2) The Contract Partner undertakes to actively market the software to its customers. To this end, it must make reference to the Company and the software on its own website and, amongst other things, place a link that leads directly to the section of the Company’s website where the app can be purchased.

(3) The Contract Partner also undertakes to increase the level of awareness of the Company and its services, to endeavour to secure new customers for the services, to advise these customers, and to take the opportunity to facilitate the conclusion of contracts between customers and the Company. The Contract Partner shall execute this obligation in consideration of any general instructions of the Company and with the due care of a prudent entrepreneur.

11. Remuneration of the Contract Partner

(1) Sämtliche Informationen, Dokumente, Mitteilungen, Auskünfte und Daten, die zwischen den Vertragsparteien sowie ihren bevollmächtigten oder sonstigen Personen (Wirtschaftsprüfern, Rechtsanwälten, Unternehmens- oder Finanzberatern), sei es schriftlich, mündlich oder auf dem Wege der elektronischen Datenübertragung gegeben oder überlassen oder sonst zugänglich gemacht werden („vertrauliche Informationen“), werden wechselseitig streng vertraulich behandelt und geheim gehalten.

(2) Die Gültigkeit dieser Geheimhaltungsverpflichtung besteht auch nach Beendigung des Vertragsverhältnisses zeitlich unbeschränkt fort.


(1) Jegliche Vervielfältigung, Änderung oder Nutzung der Karten als Ganzes oder einzelner Elemente daraus in einem anderen Rahmen als dem von der Gesellschaft in diesen AGB vorgegebenen ist dem Vertragspartner untersagt und ist dieser verpflichtet, dafür Sorge zu tragen, dass dieses Verbot auch beim Einsatz der Software in seinem Betrieb nicht verletzt wird.

(2) Für jede Verletzung dieser Bestimmung, oder jede sonstige missbräuchliche Verwendung der Karten oder der Software wird eine Vertragsstrafe in der Höhe von € 30.000,- (dreißigtausend) ohne Nachweis eines Schadens und unabhängig vom Verschulden des Vertragspartners zur Zahlung an die Gesellschaft fällig. Das Recht der Gesellschaft, den Ersatz eines durch die Verletzung entstandenen darüber hinausgehenden Schadens zu verlangen, bleibt dadurch unberührt.


(1) Das Vertragsverhältnis beginnt mit dem Tag der Bestätigung der Bestellung durch die Gesellschaft und wird befristet auf 2 Jahre abgeschlossen. Das Vertragsverhältnis verlängert sich danach jeweils automatisch um 1 weiteres Jahr, sofern es nicht unter Einhaltung einer Kündigungsfrist von 2 Monaten vor Vertragsende durch eine der Parteien schriftlich gekündigt wird.

(2) Jede Vertragspartei ist berechtigt, das Vertragsverhältnis mit sofortiger Wirkung aus wichtigem Grund vorzeitig zu beenden. Die Gesellschaft ist zur Beendigung aus wichtigem Grund insbesondere bei vertragswidrigem Verhalten des Vertragspartners, bei für die Reputation der Gesellschaft oder die Software nachteiligem Verhalten des Vertragspartners oder bei einem schlechten Image des Vertragspartners berechtigt.

(3) Alle von der Gesellschaft zur Verfügung gestellten Materialien müssen bei Vertragsbeendigung unverzüglich an die Gesellschaft zurückgegeben werden. Für Prepaid Voucherkarten und analoge Karten, die vom Vertragspartner gekauft wurden, erstattet die Gesellschaft bei Rückgabe in unversehrter Form den Kaufpreis. Jegliche weitere Nutzung der Software, der Karten und sonstiger Materialien der Gesellschaft oder Kopien davon ist nach Vertragsbeendigung untersagt.


Durch den Vertrag mit dem Vertragspartner wird die Gesellschaft nicht darin beschränkt die Software uneingeschränkt zu verwerten und insbesondere Lizenzen an jegliche Parteien zu vergeben. Der Vertragspartner stimmt insbesondere ausdrücklich zu, dass die Gesellschaft auch zusätzliche Kooperationsvereinbarungen jeglicher Art, und daher auch mit Anbietern von Konkurrenzdienstleistungen und -produkten, eingehen wird. Die Gesellschaft wird durch das Vertragsverhältnis in ihrer Geschäftstätigkeit in keiner Weise eingeschränkt.


(1) Die Haftung der Gesellschaft gegenüber dem Vertragspartner für Schäden oder sonstige Nachteile aus oder im Zusammenhang mit diesen AGB, insbesondere für Lieferungen und Leistungen nach Maßgabe des Teil 1. und Teil 2. der AGB, gleichgültig aus welchem Grund, ist ausgeschlossen.

(2) Die Gesellschaft haftet dem Vertragspartner nur bei grob fahrlässigem oder vorsätzlichem Verhalten für die dadurch entstehenden Schäden. Die Gesellschaft haftet dem Vertragspartner nicht für entgangenen Gewinn, den Ersatz indirekter Schäden oder Mangelfolgeschäden aus oder im Zusammenhang mit dem Vertragsverhältnis.


(1) Änderungen und Ergänzungen dieser AGB bedürfen der Schriftform; dies gilt auch für eine Änderung des Schriftformerfordernisses selbst.

(2) Die Gesellschaft ist berechtigt, offenkundige Irrtümer (Schreib- und Rechenfehler) auf Angeboten, Kostenvoranschlägen, Lieferscheinen, Rechnungen etc. jederzeit zu korrigieren.

(3) Für den Fall, dass einzelne Bestimmungen dieser AGB ganz oder teilweise unwirksam sind oder werden, oder für den Fall, dass diese AGB unbeabsichtigte Lücken enthalten, wird dadurch die Wirksamkeit der übrigen Bestimmungen dieser AGB nicht berührt. Anstelle der unwirksamen Bestimmung tritt eine solche wirksame Bestimmung, wie sie die Parteien unter Berücksichtigung des Zwecks dieser AGB vereinbart hätten, wenn ihnen beim Abschluss dieser AGB die Unwirksamkeit oder das Fehlen der betreffenden Bestimmung bewusst gewesen wäre.

(4) Diese AGB gemeinsam mit dem Bestellschein bilden die gesamte Vereinbarung zwischen den Parteien und ersetzen alle vorherigen mündlichen oder schriftlichen Vereinbarungen oder Abmachungen zwischen den Parteien den Gegenstand dieser Vereinbarung betreffend. Sie kann nur durch ein Schriftstück, das durch beide Parteien unterzeichnet wird, geändert werden. Das Vorangehende gilt auch bei Verzicht auf die vorgeschriebene Schriftform.

(5) Auf dieses Vertragsverhältnis ist österreichisches Recht unter ausdrücklichem Ausschluss allfälliger Verweisungsnormen anwendbar.

(6) Für den Fall von Rechtsstreitigkeiten aus dem gegenständlichen Vertragsverhältnis, insbesondere auch über Gültigkeit dieser AGB, vereinbaren die Vertragsteile unter Verzicht auf einen allfälligen anderweitigen ordentlichen Gerichtsstand die ausschließliche Zuständigkeit des zuständigen Gerichtes in der Stadt Salzburg.