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Visualisierung eines leeren Stausees
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Digital public relations

From facts to communication

The success of any administration depends on the cooperation of numerous interest groups. They need to be convinced – for example about the urgency of a project. Precise measurement data support this case.

In general, communication gains more and more significance for the build-up of projects. This is true for any construction as well as environmental projects – anything that will change the status-quo, needs to be communicated convincingly. This is where the patented visualizations of Ocean Maps help. They create a sense of reality that facilitates consensus - in some cases even enthusiasm for new solutions, which generates the necessary thrust for a successful completi

flood protection

Running waters must be continuously monitored and controlled to ensure adequate flood protection. This monitoring consists among other parameters of cross profile measurements, which have to be carried out regularly. By comparing the current measurement data with the history of earlier measurements, significant changes in the cross profiles or at the river bed can be spotted.

We process the data in 3D and over the entire area. Experts love this method, because it produces a more comprehensive picture (in comparison to punctual measurements), which allows better predictions to be made. The 3D analysis also provides a solid base for the accurate calculation of volumes.

Visualization of existing or future tourist attractions
  • Any type of amusement parks
  • Dive sites
  • Underwater wrecks
  • In addition, we deliver our visualization both as a waterproof map and as an APP

In an increasingly competitive market, an attractive presentation of current or planned tourist attractions becomes a treasured boost for marekting. Ocean Maps has already supported several such projects comprehensively and successfully.

Accurate and efficient building inspection
  • River walls
  • Fastenings
  • Support structures
  • Port facilities

Multibeam sonar and laser scanning are our methods of choice for these applicatins. Optionally, we visualize of our analysis in an interactive 3D application, for mobile as well as desktop platforms.

Accurate and efficient bridge pillar inspection

Monitoring the stability of the bridge structure.

To survey the riverbed near bridges we use our multibeam inspection technology and focus specifically on the pillar area. Thereby our custumers get a very good understanding of the situation of the bridge underwater.

We investigate railway, motorway and even small community bridges, whereby measuring methods are being tailored to the specific situation.

Ocean Maps not only offers these tasks comprehensively and economically but also delivers faster results.